Bob's Discount Furniture

Puppet Fabricator for Bob’s Discount Furniture in-house Advertising Department.

·       Construction of multiple, consistent, 24” tall, stop motion “Spokes-Puppet”.

·       Develop and implement incremental improvements to the puppet to meet the demands of production.

·       Create and assemble all composite wire armature pieces and resin rigging mechanisms.

·       Make molds for resin, foam latex, epoxy, and silicone parts. 

·       Cast, seam, and patch all foam latex parts.

·       Paint identical treatments across multiple puppets. 

·       Repair and repaint all puppets before returning to set.

·       Responsible for rigging of puppets and props across 3 stages.

Prop Design

·       Design and create static/animatable props such as: towel, spray bottle, bicycle, chainsaw, etc.

·       Collaborated with a team of fabricators to conceptualize and build a large scale “Shrink Ray” prop.

·       Assisted in the construction of an 8’ tall, live-action, animated pillow stack.

A special thanks to all of the fabricators, animators, compositors, editors, and project managers that I have had the pleasure of working with.